Today’s mining takes into account environmental impacts in the planning process, during operations and after mining has ended. This is a core part of our commitment to sustainable development. We encourage community members to identify opportunities to enhance their environment and address local priorities.  As a result, we have partnered in projects to rehabilitate and protect animals and their habitat, restore the health of important forests and grasslands, preserve land for public use, create walking and hiking trails, collaborate in environmental planning efforts, and provide public education on various elements of our natural environment through experiences at botanical gardens, and zoological societies.

In some cases, our environmental efforts correlate with our STEM education initiatives such as Audubon Arizona’s efforts in hands-on, science-based environmental education for inner-city children and teens, and Liberty Wildlife’s educational outreach in classrooms with non-releasable wildlife.

Among other initiatives in this area, we have financially supported:

  • Bat Conservation International’s efforts to escalate bat conservation projects in the communities around mining sites in Arizona and New Mexico.
  • Alter Valley Conservation Alliance’s (AVCA) watershed restoration program in Sahuarita, Arizona. AVCA is a collaborative watershed organization guided by the vision of conserving the Alter Valley watershed for future generations through programs in watershed restoration, introduction of fire into the ecosystem, community education and applied science.
  • Various nature conservancy efforts and recycling programs.

To learn more about an example of one environmental project, taking place at Miami operations, click here.