Our Resources

We supply natural resources that connect and sustain the world’s infrastructure. In Arizona we primarily produce copper and molybdenum.

Copper is closely tied to economic growth as it is a key component of energy, aerospace, transportation and telecommunications systems throughout the world. Also known as the red metal, copper is essential to plumbing, conductivity and connectivity and is a critical element in new technology. Additionally, antimicrobial copper is gaining prominence for its ability to reduce the spread of infections, specifically in hospital and healthcare settings.

Molybdenum strengthens steel, resists heat and adds corrosion resistance to a wide variety of products. Its chemical products remove sulfur from crude oil, which results in cleaner-burning fuels and cleaner air. Molysulfide is used as a lubricant that can sustain its durability in tough operating conditions, such as with automotive brakes. We operate our business and our development plans prudently with an optimistic view about long-term, global demand for these metals.moly

 Ore Reserves

As of December 31, 2015, consolidated recoverable proven and probable reserves totaled:

  • 31.5 billion pounds of copper in Arizona

– Morenci = 13.4 billion pounds

– Bagdad = 7.6 billion pounds

– Safford = 0.5 billion pounds

– Sierrita = 9.9 billion pounds

– Miami = 0.1 billion pounds

• 1.6 billion pounds of molybdenum in Arizona

Arizona’s Role




1.6 billion p