Years after producing its first copper, Safford remains the newest copper mine in the United States. Current production is from two open-pit copper mines, Dos Pobres and San Juan, with a single processing facility. Resource evaluation is underway at the Lone Star deposit, important for the long-term future of Safford Operations. This modern operation features state-of-the-art production and environmental control technology.

In 2016, copper production at Safford amounted to 230 million pounds .

In 2017, copper production amounted to 150 million pounds and approximately 830 people were employed here.

Safford Operations Fast Facts

  • Safford is an open-pit copper mining complex, 170 miles east of Phoenix in Graham CountryMorencie
  • This is a zero-discharge facility and one of the most environmentally advanced copper mines ever built
  • The open pits feed a crushing facility with a capacity of 103,000 metric tons per day
  • Leach solutions feed a solution extraction/electrowinning facility with a capacity of 240 million pounds of copper yearly
  • Growth and expansion opportunities are underway to extend the life of mine for Safford operations
  • In 2016, Safford and Morenci mine’s direct and indirect economic impact totaled $978.5 Million
  • To learn more about the various sustainable development programs at Safford, click here
  • Safford has a wide variety of operations, such as the following:
    • A mine-for-leach operation and copper cathode production
    • Two open pits feeding a crushing facility
    • A single leach pad fed by a series of overland and portable conveyors and leach solutions supply a solution extraction/electrowinning facility
    • The new sulphur burner providing a more cost-effective source of sulphuric acid used in solution extraction/electrowinning operations and lower transportation costs

Stacking Ore_Safford