In 1877, the first mining claim was made. By 1910, Bisbee was transformed from a mine camp into one of Arizona’s largest cities, driven by the Copper Queen Mine. In response to the rapid growth and need for larger, more modern and accessible processing facilities, a smelter was built in Douglas in 1904.

Today, we are engaged in several projects in the Bisbee area such as reclamation, soil remediation, sulfate mitigation and continued support of community programs. In 2016, Freeport-McMoRan generated an estimated $44.2 million in economic benefits for Cochise County. Our company contributes in many ways to the sustainability of the various communities, counties and states in which we operate. These communities rely heavily on the economic benefits directly and indirectly provided by our operations in the form of wages and taxes we pay as well as the goods and service we purchase. This direct spending ripples through the economy, inducing additional economic benefits and contributing to more jobs and greater tax revenues. The chart to the right helps explain how Freeport-McMoRan provides such a boost to the county.

Economic impact numbers were produced by the L. William Seidman Research Institute, Arizona State University.